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Дистанционно+безжична мишка+клавиатура



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Дистанционно+безжична мишка+клавиатура

This Air mouse is specially designed for Smart TV, Android TV box, mini PC, HTPC etc. to realize human-computer interactions comprehensively. Motion sensor allows mouse to be controlled by waving the remote. This multi-functional USB 2.0 2.4GHz wireless remote control keyboard integrates the wireless keyboard, air mouse and remote controller. Its compact portable design for easy carrying, and it is widely applied to home, school, travel or any other working environment. Order this from Jumia and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Дистанционно+безжична мишка+клавиатураДистанционно+безжична мишка+клавиатураДистанционно+безжична мишка+клавиатура


  1. This air mouse is an intelligent input device, which integrated dual-function of flying mouse and wireless keyboard.
  2. Professional wireless mini remote & air mouse & 3D motion stick combo.
  3. C120  Air mouse is suitable for long distance remote control on computer, projector, player that with operating system and set-top boxes etc.
  4. This small wireless keyboard can be operated as traditional mouse operation screen cursor, it can input of figures, letters, symbols etc functionsMini air mouse with anti-shake algorithm, provides accurate and easy control of the mouse cursor. it needs not to be placed on any flats.
  5. You can use it directly by shaking or moving in the air.
  6. C120 air mouse is designed for PC, Smart TV, Set-top-box, Android TV Box, Media Player, etc.


  1. 6 aixs sensor air mouse
  2. Lowest price & high quality
  3. Android/Smart TV,Windows
  4. Motion sensing game
  5. 360 degree control
  6. 2.4GHz wireless connection, 10-12m operation distance
  7. Plug and Play.
  8. Rechargeable battery
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